The Wonders of Watercolour

Elizabeth Baldin
10th - 15th May 2021

Watercolours were Elizabeth’s ‘first love’ in art and she continues to work in this often illusive medium – working with a loose approach, allowing the watercolour to flow freely to achieve dynamic and atmospheric results.

Elizabeth will do painting demonstrations daily both in the studio and on location. The studio work will be aimed at mastering the more basic processes involved in painting in watercolour – colour mixing, controlling washes and the balance of water to pigment. Working from photo references or life to help the students learn in a controlled environment before going out to paint on location where the changing elements can bring additional challenges and frustrations. Her style is loose and impressionistic, capturing light and atmosphere and allowing colours to blend directly on the paper.

 Her aim is for students to have a good understanding of watercolours so that they can achieve more predictable results and handle the paint with more confidence. She also wishes to help her students feel comfortable painting en plein air, learning what to select and depict and what to simplify and omit.

She is passionate about helping each artist develop their artistic style at their own pace with sensitive but specific encouragement so that students can go on to improve and continue to progress along their individual artistic journey.



Subject to change at tutor's discretion

Day One

17th May Arrive

  • Arrive at Mon Plaisir

  • Evening meal

  • Get to know each other and course overview

Day Two

18th May

  • 8.00am - Breakfast

  • 9.30am - Demonstration and instruction about sketching and plein air painting around Mon Plaisir

  • 1:00pm - Lunch

  • 2.00pm - Sketching and plein air painting around Mon Plaisir

  • 6.30pm - Dinner

  • 7.30pm - Evening review of the day’s painting and sketching

Day Three

19th May

  • 8.00am - Breakfast

  • 9.30am - Sketching and plein air painting around Mon Plaisir

  • 1.00pm Lunch 

  • Sketching and plein air painting at local interest or beauty spot 

  • 6.30pm - Dinner

Day Four

20th May

  • 8.00am - Breakfast

  • 9.30am - Studio painting – working from outdoor sketches/photos

  • 1.00am - Lunch

  • 2.00pm - Afternoon free for exploring/own pursuits

  • 6.30pm -  Dinner

Day Five

21st May

  • 8.00am - Breakfast

  • 9.30am - Sketching and plein air painting in Salies-de-Béarn

  • 1.00pm - Lunch

  • Studio painting – working from outdoor sketches/photos

  • 6.30pm Farewell Dinner

  • Individual review of all work from the week and suggested progression for each participant.

Day Six

22nd May

  • 8.30am  - Breakfast

  • Depart after breakfast at your leisure


Course Leader

Elizabeth Baldin



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