Statue with Mask


At the time of writing of this we are in the second lockdown and the situation with COVID is serious. However, I feel certain that by the new year we will be in a much better place. As I write this the news as just has broken that a vaccine is ready and plans are being to roll this out immediately.
I also think that people are very dispirited and melancholy at the moment and we all need something to look forward to. 
It is possible to be cautious and to operate safe distancing at Mon Plaisir. It is an airy and well ventilated house. The studio space is large and we can use screens for the singers if necessary. Additionally, the numbers planned for each course are small, a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 students. If weather permits, which in Spring is extremely likely, we can work out of doors.
I would suggest that anyone attending a course self-isolates prior to the course and, if possible, has a COVID test before attending.
If anyone has any symptoms in the 2 weeks prior to the course they must cancel. 
If anyone cancels due to COVID their money will be refunded in full or they will be offered a place of the next available course. Please see full details in Terms and Conditions.