The City of Salt

Salies-de-Béarn, "the city of salt" is a city rich in history and character with its unique architecture. Known since antiquity, Salies-de-Béarn owes its fame to this unique source of salt water created a geological curiosity formed there 200 million years. It is a city built with multiple lanes plotted "snail shell". You will find picturesque half-timbered houses and sloping roofs so-called "furring strips", prestigious hotels of the late nineteenth century.


Where The Boars Speak to Béarnais

According to legend, a wild boar wounded by medieval hunters had the bright idea of hiding in muddy marshland.

He was found dead but covered in salt crystals. It was then that people realised that under Salies-de-Béarn ran a spring of salt water.
Before dying, the boar uttered these words: “If I hadn’t died, no one would live here.”

Be sure to say hello to him when you’re in the Place du Bayaà!


The Market

Thursday morning is market day in the centre of Salies, and offers a chance to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine amidst the bustle. La Pause Gourmande, Le Bar Bayaa, Le Singlar, Le Café des Thermes, Le Chalet or Café Lola are popular cafés, and a reasonably-priced lunch may be enjoyed at La Grignotine, Le Salon de Thé, À La Fraich', Le Bistrot 4 Grains or Le Restaurant de la Gare. There are also Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, and there's great take-away curry to be purchased at the Thursday market.



There are some lovely walks including an amble up the ‘Pain de sucre’ where you may be greeted by deer, goats, donkeys and alpacas. Or a stroll along the Green pathway, 'Voie Verte', which is pathway along a former railway line which takes you to Castagnède. Along the way you cross the river Gave and this is a lovely spot for paddling, or just sitting and enjoying the view.


The Spa

The famous thermal Spa attracts people from all over the world to ‘take the cure’ , a three-week process of daily therapy for a variety of ailments. The pools have a natural salt concentration of up to ten times that of sea water and is claimed to have extraordinary benefits for anyone with rheumatism or arthritis. The spa also provides all of the normal beauty treatments one would expect from a spa