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Courses set in the idyllic French countryside in the spa town of Salies-de-Béarn. Our courses are led by experts in their field with a holistic approach to singing, well-being and health.


The Mission

Hello, my name is Becky. I am a former professional singer and now a voice researcher working with the older voice. In our busy lives, taking time to stop and participate in an enjoyable activity, under skilled instruction provides mental stimulation, relaxation and can restore a sense of well-being and balance to our lives.

I have always recognized the benefit of taking time to self-nurture and engage whole-heartedly in an activity which will allow you to escape from your daily routine. 2021 will be an exceptional year as people recover from a world pandemic. We will all have suffered from the effects and deprivations that this has brought. We will need what Dr Anne Holmes has called ‘creative repair’. 

‘Creative repair is regular, active engagement with the creative arts as a way of repairing energy used in any demanding or stressful situation’ (Holmes 2020)

The courses at Mon Plaisir aim to provide an effective way of allowing the body and soul to re-balance, heal and re-charge through engagement with creative activities.



Singing either as a group or individually will enhance your mood, reduce stress and anxiety,
and can increase your self-esteem and confidence. Singing has physical benefits too, and
can improve the respiratory function, posture and relax muscle tension.



Yoga is a powerful mindfulness practice. It builds strength, increases flexibility and reduces
stress. Mon Plaisir yoga sessions have the additional benefits of taking place in the peace
and tranquillity of the garden which enjoys incredible views.



Beauty and nature have the power to heal the soul. Creating beauty in a beautiful
environment can be a wonderful experience. Painting develops creativity and nurtures
emotional growth. It can relieve stress and restore balance to your life whilst enjoying a
pleasurable time with like minded people and great food.



Cooking is love. We can express love for our family and friends through the age old tradition
of sitting and chatting around the dinner table. Our courses will focus on providing delicious
home cooked food using sustainable ingredients and local produce. There will also be
courses specialising in gluten-free bread making and vegan cookery.

Coming in the autumn series of courses.



Salies de Béarn

Salies de Béarn is a delightful Spa town in South West France renowned for the curative properties of the salt from the river Saleys.

Mon Plaisir is situated 1KM from the spa on the hillside with views stretching to the Pyrenées. It has beautiful gardens, including a wood, a meadow and lavender hill. There is a large pool and plenty of outside space for enjoyment and relaxation.


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